Technology Program

Teaching Computer Literacy and Beyond



Only 1 in 10 youth from low-income families go on to graduate from a four-year college. We are on a mission to solve that. Here’s How.


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Our technology program is a lean-in, practical approach to providing Orphans & Vulnerable Children with the tools for computer literacy and beyond. Using existing technology Learning platforms, local Tijuana experts in technology join forces with San Diego technology specialists to bring this one-of-a-kind learning experience to the children.


life of purpose

Started in 2016, our technology program has gone through many evolutions, and we will continue to optimize it for the orphans & Vulnerable children in our program. we are in phase 2 of our technology program where we have developed clear objectives, an engaging curriculum and are now measuring the effects of our program on computer literacy and behavior.



Since the program began, we’ve supported 30 children in finding their purpose through this program.

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Goal by 2021

  • Technology Program – 100 Children

  • Garden-Based Learning – 60 Children

  • Caretaker Program – 20 Orphanages


Pay one hour of instruction with every purchase