Garden-Based Learning Program

Teaching Sustainable Nutrition



Nearly 45% of children living in poverty are overweight or obese. We are on a mission to solve that. Here’s How.


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Become part of history

In 2015, Create Purpose launched the first phase of the Science curriculum with a Garden-Based Learning pilot program in one orphanage based on the proven methodology of STEAM Learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math) using Project Based Learning principles.


life of purpose

The program helps our children to learn the basics of today’s complex food systems. We teach foundational skills of organic gardening and how to grow and harvest food that will come from their garden. Create Purpose is working collaboratively within the Tijuana community and the children are understanding the benefits of a network of support.



Since the program began, we’ve supported 18 children in finding their purpose through this program.

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Goal by 2021

  • Technology Program – 100 Children

  • Garden-Based Learning – 60 Children

  • Caretaker Program – 20 Orphanages


Pay for one hour of instruction with every purchase.