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Caretaker Workshops

Developing Mentors for Vulnerable Children



Only 1 in 10 youth from low-income families go on to graduate from a four-year college. We are on a mission to solve that. Here’s How.


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Collaborate with experts

Along with Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (DIF) and Culinary Art School, we launched our first series of workshops that focuses on providing nutrition training for caretakers of orphanages. Our first group of students are going through a nutrition certification series where they will learn best practices for healthy eating when caring for a multitude of children. With this first group, there are 6 orphanages that represent over 450 children.

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life of purpose

The goal of our Orphanage Caretakers Program is to understand the complexities of caring for Orphans and Vulnerable Children on a daily basis. We work hand-in-hand with Orphanage Staff and offer them professional tools to improve their capacity, knowing the ripple effect their well being will have in lives of the children they look after.



Since the program began, we’ve supported 30 children in finding their purpose through this program.

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Goal by 2021

  • Technology Program – 100 Children

  • Garden-Based Learning – 60 Children

  • Caretaker Program – 20 Orphanages


Pay for one hour of instruction with every purchase